3-Year Bible Reading Plan

**-THE 3-YEAR SCRIPTURE READING PLAN: If you come to this site and wish to start the 3-year plan from the beginning rather than the current day’s post, the complete plan will be laid out below. Please Note: There are 7 chapters per week (2 from the New Testament [a chapter each day on Sunday-Monday] and 5 from the Old Testament [a chapter each day Tuesday-Saturday). You will have to keep up with what week you are on. The Psalms are treated separately. The daily posts will include a Psalm or portion of a Psalm on two consecutive days with the goal of praying and/or singing through the Psalms a little more than four times over the course of three years. May God speak powerfully to each of us as we faithfully read the Holy Scriptures!


WEEK #1: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Luke 1-2

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Genesis 1-5

WEEK #2: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Luke 3-4

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Genesis 6-10

WEEK #3: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Luke 5-6

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Genesis 11-15

WEEK #4: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Luke 7-8

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Genesis 16-20

WEEK #5: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Luke 9-10

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Genesis 21-25

WEEK #6: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Luke 11-12

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Genesis 26-30

WEEK #7: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Luke 13-14

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Genesis 31-35

WEEK #8: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Luke 15-16

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Genesis 36-40

WEEK #9: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Luke 17-18

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Genesis 41-45

WEEK #10: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Luke 19-20

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Genesis 46-50

WEEK #11: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Luke 21-22

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Exodus 1-5

WEEK #12: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Luke 23-24

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Exodus 6-10

WEEK #13: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 1-2

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Exodus 11-15

WEEK #14: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 3-4

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Exodus 16-20

WEEK #15: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 5-6

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Exodus 21-25

WEEK #16: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 7-8

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Exodus 26-30

WEEK #17: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 9-10

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Exodus 31-35

WEEK #18: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 11-12

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Exodus 36-40

WEEK #19: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 13-14

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Leviticus 1-5

WEEK #20: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 15-16

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Leviticus 6-10

WEEK #21: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 17-18

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Leviticus 11-15

WEEK #22: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 19-20

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Leviticus 16-20

WEEK #23: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 21-22

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Leviticus 21-25

WEEK #24: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 23-24

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Leviticus 26-Numbers 3

WEEK #25: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 25-26

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Numbers 4-8

WEEK #26: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Acts 27-28

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Numbers 9-13

WEEK #27: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Romans 1-2

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Numbers 14-18

WEEK #28: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Romans 3-4

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Numbers 19-23

WEEK #29: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Romans 5-6

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Numbers 24-28

WEEK #30: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Romans 7-8

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Numbers 29-33

WEEK #31: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Romans 9-10

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Numbers 34-Deuteronomy 2

WEEK #32: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Romans 11-12

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Deuteronomy 3-7

WEEK #33: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Romans 13-14

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Deuteronomy 8-12

WEEK #34: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): Romans 15-16

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Deuteronomy 13-17

WEEK #35: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): 1 Corinthians 1-2

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Deuteronomy 18-22

WEEK #36: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): 1 Corinthians 3-4

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Deuteronomy 23-27

WEEK #37: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): 1 Corinthians 5-6

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Deuteronomy 28-32

WEEK #38: (Sunday-Saturday)

+New Testament (Sunday-Monday): 1 Corinthians 7-8

+Old Testament (Tuesday-Saturday): Deuteronomy 33-Joshua 3



WEEK #1: (Sunday-Saturday)



WEEK #1: (Sunday-Saturday)


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